Huron KX30

Huron KX30




Pont roulant de 15 tonnes

15 ton overhead
travelling crane

Moules Mirplex Inc. works in various fields such as sports and recreational equipment, mechanical and aesthetic parts of lighting systems and appliances, home accessories, storage bins and shelves, as well as containers and caps for drug products.


We manufacture molds according to the specific constraints of each component to be produced, hence the variety of our types of molds:

  • multi-cavity molds;
  • molds with hot runner system;
  • multiples slides and cams molds;
  • gas-assisted molds;
  • compression molds;
  • large-size molds, about 60" by 100", up to 15 tons per side of mold;
  • molds for aluminum die-casting.

The modeling of parts and the programming of machine tools are performed using state-of-the-art, parametric software compatible with a very large number of file formats.

We offer you the expertise of reliable and experienced personnel, made up of CAD-CAM technicians, engineers and moldmakers. The majority of our employees have more than 10 years of experience with us.


At Moules Mirplex Inc., we attach the greatest importance to quality work and the meeting of delivery dates.

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